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Hello, and welcome to Daily Money Tree!

If there’s one thing that I dislike it’s talking about myself, but this is the about me page, so there’s no way around it.

My name is Srdjan Repic, and I have been an online entrepreneur since 2017. Before getting into digital marketing I did my time in the corporate world, mostly as a sales representative.

Before starting out with my online ventures, I worked for more than a decade from 9 to 5 for international corporations handling financial and retail clients. In 2017, I just grew sick and tired of working endless hours, making other people rich, and having nothing to show for it. I started my online business, and have been generating different lines of income over and over again.

In 2019 I got into cryptocurrency. Some would say that it was maybe a moment too late to come into the game, but I always say to those people that they couldn’t be more wrong, and I have proof to back my claims.

The road hasn’t been easy, especially the first year and a half. I just spent ridiculous amounts of time and money trying to get my business up and running. It was hard at times, and I would be lying if I said that there were moments when I just thought of giving up and going back to an office.

But, luckily I endured, and after a while, my efforts in affiliate marketing started to pay off. My blog started paying back, and I was getting really nice commissions from my affiliate programs. I do this kind of work to this day, but it’s something else that is my first source of income.

As I said, I got into cryptocurrency in 2019, and it wasn’t a successful dive into the crypto universe. I lacked the knowledge and experience in any kind of market to be able to accurately read the subtle signs that would allow me to make the right investment choices.

So, the first year was difficult without any major profits. But then, in May of 2021, my friend told me about Copy my Crypto, a website created by a mathematics and statistics professor from the UK named James McMahon, and it’s been nothing but great stuff ever since.

Daily Money Tree is a blog for people trying to get to that freedom, to be financially independent, or create secondary streams of income. On these pages, you will never find a recommendation for a product or strategy that I haven’t tried myself, or I haven’t made money with.

I hold very valuably my reputation, and my word means everything to me. So, everything on this website is legit and verifiable.

I hope you will embark and join me on this awesome ride and that you will be able to fulfill your dreams.

Daily Money Tree is the result of many years of experience. It is a place that I designed to be a unique knowledge base for entrepreneurs, digital marketers, cryptocurrency investors and traders, and all the people who want to learn the secrets to how to generate an online income.

Welcome once again, and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter, so you don’t miss out on anything.

To your success!