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The Most Valuable Asset in Marketing (Do You Have It?)

The single most important attribute for a successful Network Marketer is often lacking, and yet it is the easiest to possess. Do YOU have it?

INTEGRITY – The quality of possessing and steadfastly adhering to high moral principles or professional standards.

Who among us hasn’t seen those glaring ads “Join today-make millions”, “Make $9000 per month – Free” There are so many of them out there promising a fast buck with no effort or promising us that we can earn millions overnight. Just hand over your credit card number.

Don’t they realize we are real people, trying to get by in a harsh world? We sweat and toil for every penny we earn – and still can’t make ends meet. Don’t they know we only want to spend more time with our kids, and less time chained to our desk?

Of course, they do! How else could they lure us into their scams! We are so eager to change our lives that we will grasp at almost any opportunity – even against our better judgment. I am speaking from experience here.

So we hand over our hard-earned money, and wait for the cash to start rolling in – but where is it? Here we are, with no idea where to start – and even worse – with no one to help us.

So, we submit our web pages to a few search engines, place a few ezine ads, and – nothing.

We e-mail our sponsor but he/she doesn’t respond – why? Because he/she is in the exact same position as we are – left on our own with no one to guide us or answer our questions. Discouraged, let down, and convinced that all network marketing businesses are frauds!

These programs have fancy websites, convincing ad copy, flashy banners, and extraordinary claims from self-proclaimed “gurus”. Even with all of this, they are missing the most essential ingredient – Integrity. Without it, they are worthless.

The good news is, there ARE companies out there that have integrity, and people who are genuinely interested in helping others achieve their goals. These are the organizations that you want to become aligned with!

Personally, I would rather make $100/month honestly than ten times as much by conning people out of their hard-earned incomes. I know what it’s like to drag myself out of bed every morning to go to a job that I can’t stand; to work for someone I don’t like or even respect.

The most successful online marketers are the ones who lead by example – those who invest their time in the people they recruit. They are available to answer questions, share their experiences, or even admit that they don’t have all the answers – but will work with you to solve a problem.

They are rewarded with a team of people who are motivated, loyal, and dedicated to building a successful business.

Who would YOU rather work for – the lazy slob that sits in his office all day or the one who is not afraid to “get in the trenches” with you to get the job done?

You can inspire your recruits to be the kind of leader that they have found in you. You have the power to elevate people to levels of success they have never known. Don’t waste it, because your down line will become your greatest resource.

It is something you cannot put a price on!

The irony in all of this is that once you commit to being honest and sincere, willing to help others, and throwing out that “grab the cash and run” attitude, you will achieve the success that you’ve been looking for all along! It will just flow naturally, and the most important thing is that you can enjoy that success knowing that it didn’t come at someone else’s expense.

Hold your head high, and be proud of all you have accomplished!

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