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The Definition of Blogging

The definition of blogging is something that is very much open for debate nowadays. As the new technologies that appear every day redefine what a blog is, what a blog can be, and what a blog should do, it becomes very hard to formulate an exact definition.

What we can certainly agree on is that a blog is a medium that offers a certain type of content that is of interest to a specific group or audience.

Using A Blog For Marketing

Using a blog to market something is cheaper than using a website. This is because there are so many free ones out there that you can use to get the word out, and they are really just as good as having a website that you pay for. There are of course some advantages to having your own URL, but for a beginner, a free one will work until you get the hang of it and want to move it all over onto your own server. The free blogs are just not that customizable. If you are not familiar with HTML, you are going to find that your blog will look like everyone else’s. But, that is ok in the beginning. You can always make changes later on once you are becoming successful.

When you have your own blog, you are in charge of the content that is posted on it. You can decide what is said, and what is not. You are after all writing it all, right? So, the sky is the limit. Whether you want a blog that does website reviews and takes nominations, or you want to sell things that you make out of your home, the choice is yours. Using a blog to get the word out about whatever you want too is a great way to market and promote something.

Content Is King

The days when we used to optimize blog websites in order to get traffic are gone. Sure, search engines will reward you, if your SEO is done well, but on the long run, you need content – GOOD CONTENT.

Nowdays, when people are spending more time in front of their computer screens than ever before, you need something that will get them engaged and make them want to visit your website over and over agian.

Good SEO can take you only to a certain point. If you are using or plan to use a platform like Pinterest (and you really shoud) to promote your blog, you will HAVE TO MAKE YOUR CONTENT WORTHY OF READING.

People have become much pickier in recent years. We have learned that there is bad, good, and great content out there. If we want some type of information, regardless of the topic, we can all pretty quickly determine which content is valuable and which we enjoy reading. We are not going to waste time with mediocre posts if there’s something better out there. And, once we find what we like, we are sure as hell keep going back to that website.

Creating Good Content

Article writing can be extremely boring at times, especially if you are shooting for a specific number of articles written each day.

So it is easy with article writing to get sloppy, to forget to make the article interesting, or to not do a good job of teaching whatever it is you are teaching in the article.

So how do you make an article interesting, interesting enough that the reader sticks with you through to the end of the article and clicks on your web site?

Quality content is king on the internet. The more places your articles are found on the Internet, the better it is for you. This is because when a search for your subject, name, or company is done the more hits will be found by the search engines, and you will place closer to the front of the listings. (of course, there is a way for your article to come up as Number One, but that is a topic for another day)

How do You Get Your Article onto The Internet, and Get Noticed?

The must fundamental factor that you need to master when it comes to getting creative with your article writing is your choice of words. While you do not want to utilize a “big” word when something more concise will do, you will want to use interesting words whenever possible.

Another fundamental factor that you will want to need to appreciate when working to make your article writing more creative is the manner in which you structure a particular article. Long blocks of text are far less compelling than a pithy, direct and smartly written sentence or paragraph. Don’t use five words when one will do.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to write a ‘how-to’ article – much like this one. By writing a how-to article, you are specifically dealing with exactly what the title indicates, and you are meeting a need of your reader. The nice thing about a how-to article is that only people interested in learning ‘how to’ do something specific will read your article – and as long as you stick to the topic and teach them how to do it, you will succeed at writing an interesting article, at least to them.

So What Next ?

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