What is Cartesi Crypto [CTSI]

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What is Cartesi Crypto? What problems does this awesome Blockchain OS solve? Who are the people behind it and what is its price prediction? In this article, we will address these and other questions regarding this amazing project.

What is Cartesi Crypto?

On April 13, 2020, Binance announced the next Binance Launchpad project named Cartesi (CTSI).

Cartesi makes DApps significantly more powerful, cheaper, easier to develop, and mobile. Aim for the main productivity gains for developers and user experience.

What is the CTSI Token?

CTSI is a native token that was designed to overcome the fundamental challenges facing blockchains in terms of usability and scalability.

In the long run, CTSI is expected to capture most of the value in the DApp ecosystem, with mobile DApps on different blockchains.

Some Cartesi algorithms are based on PoS and their security depends on the assumption that the CTSI tokens are evenly distributed among the users running the Cartesi node.

what is cartesi crypto

What is Cartesi Crypto trying to achieve?

CTSI Token Use Case

Cartesi aims to provide scalability for decentralized applications through a network of nodes. The CTSI token was designed to encourage Cartesi node operators to interact with the system effectively. To include:

  • Cartesian Core: Cartesi’s core is based on the fact that an arbiter uses the CTSI token as a guarantee for actual honesty.
  • Cartesi Side Chain: Cartesi Side Chain users pay for temporary data storage for Cartesi applications with CTSI.
  • Consent System: CTSI is used to participate in Side Chain’s Proof of Stake Consent System. Miners with the highest stakes have a higher chance of being selected for the next block.
  • Available Data Protocols: CTSI will also power the data availability protocol to support the transfer of large data spots used for machine snapshots.

CTSI Token Utility

CTSI was designed to overcome the fundamental challenges that blockchains face in terms of usability and scalability.

The Cartesi network will rely on PoS protocols to provide services such as side chains optimized for high throughput and temporary data storage for DApps.

History of the issuance of CTSI tokens

The Cartesi team plans to introduce token inflation to win prizes in the future, but it hasn’t been finalized yet.

Cartesi spent 72% of the funds raised to carry out the following activities:

  • 82.57% research and development.
  • 10.16% Marketing, PR
  • 3.80% active
  • 3.47% legal problems
  • Provide the token
  • Launchpad Sale: 10% of the offer.
  • Sale of seeds: 2% of the offer
  • Private sale: 5% of the offer.
  • Strategic sale: 0.67% of the offer.
  • Team: 15% of the offer.
  • consultants: 2.11% of the offer.
  • Foundation reserve: 40.22% of the offer.
  • Mining reserve: 25% of the supply.
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CTSI token memory

You can store directly on Binance or on the wallet that supports ERC20 tokens such as: Trust WalletMyEthrewallet.

What are carts?

Cartesi is developing an operating system for dApps. It allows for complex and intensive calculations to be performed in a Linux environment, outside the blockchain.

It does not affect the hierarchy. Cartesi aims to make dApps significantly more powerful , cost-saving, easier to develop and portable.

What is Cartesi Crypto impact on the ecosystem

It is difficult to imagine a future for decentralized applications without the infrastructure that Cartesi brings to the ecosystem.

Cartesi exists to provide infrastructure for decentralized applications, making it easier for developers to create and experience a user experience comparable to Internet applications. Also, think of all veteran / mainstream software developers who will have a much lower barrier to entry to developing DApps.

What is Cartesi crypto’s target sector

Cartesi solves many infrastructural problems of the blockchain and will enable a new wave of DApps that were not possible before.

It is not just a simple technology, but a versatile platform that will benefit blockchain applications, regardless of the industry.

Cartesi knows that the Chinese government recently announced a series of blockchain strategies to explore more business possibilities with different sectors.

what is cartesi crypto

How Cartesi works

Blockchains do not support the core computations we have allowed on our computers and devices. These calculations typically involve billions of steps and involve large amounts of data.

With Cartesi, we can have typical real-world calculations running off-chain on a Linux environment, so that the blockchain can be verified. DApp users can obtain off-chain consent and if fraudulent calculations are involved.

The Cartesi network and the CTSI token use services and economic incentives that allow users to participate in DApps in a safe and convenient way. In the future it will develop more fully.

The main features that stand out

  • Extension Capability: Thorough computation of the huge amount of data is done off-chain with the security provided by the blockchain.
  • Programming Skills: Logic DApp, running on Linux, with a choice of thousands of open source software components to coordinate and combine.
  • Acceptable: Developers can work in a familiar environment without artificial restrictions and have access to all their favorite tools.
  • Decentralization: Consensus is reached securely online without reputation protocols. Reliable execution environment or central cloud server.
  • Mobility: Cartesi aims to create mobile applications on public blockchains. The most important is to support smart contracts.

Strategic partners and project support

There are many cartesi partners you can refer to in the following picture, and some decent partners too.

Some outstanding partners are:

  • Go Block: a Brazilian startup and portfolio. Specialized in consulting, development and research of decentralized solutions for high-end companies.
  • NewFang: A decentralized cloud storage platform for Web 3.0 applications, based on the EOS blockchain.

What is Cartesi Crypto development team

  • Erick de Moura: CEO, former software developer at Arizona Bay, software designer at WiNGs Telecom.
  • Diego Nehab: Associate Professor at IMPA in Computer Graphics.

And some characters that play an important role:

What is Cartesi crypto Technical overview

Cartesi Machine Emulator: is the reference off-chain implementation of the Cartesi Machine Specification.
Solid simulation of Cartesi RISC-V: it is a host distribution on the Cartesi machine specification chain.
Grpc interface: the Cartesi gRPC Interface repository contains all the gRPC and Protobuf definitions used in the gRPC interfaces of the Cartesi Project modules.

Cartesi products

Creepts is a Tournament game and a tower defense game. This game introduces a fully decentralized game developed using regular software on Linux and also requires billions of microprocessor instructions (and therefore cannot be run on the chain).

Community data

Cartesi will initially focus its community development efforts in China, Korea, Turkey, Russia and Vietnam and will expand to other regions.

Cartesi’s current community development strategies include:

  • Conduct airdrop campaigns and bonus programs to raise awareness.
  • Marketing through cryptocurrency forums, social media and other websites.
  • General advertising through dApp sites.
  • Speaking and sponsoring 2nd grade events at Devcon.
  • Produce articles and tutorials to better educate the community.
  • Join the community consistently across online channels.
  • Documents translated for an international audience.
  • Publish educational articles on a regular basis.

The future development strategy of the Cartesi community includes:

  • Conduct stakeout programs to protect the network.
  • Introducing bug bounty programs to attract developers.
  • Conducting airdrop events with partners via e-wallets, telegram community, AMA, etc.
  • Grant aid to developers to encourage development efforts around the Cartesi ecosystem.
what is cartesi crypto

What is Cartesi Crypto – Summary

I hope this article gives you a complete insight into Cartesi (CTSI).

Before investing or planning to participate in the Cartesi ecosystem, remember to read the article to fully grasp the knowledge.

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This article is not investment advice, please consult your financial advisor before investing in cryptocurrencies. Good luck.

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