What to Sell as an Affiliate Marketer

Selling affiliate products benefits all parties involved in the process. If done in an ethical manner, affiliation allows the advertiser to improve and increase the sales of their products or services, the affiliate to earn a percentage of the sales and, the end-user who purchases, to benefit from products and services of qualities that respond to a latent or manifest need. I’ll give you a little spoiler: these advantageous conditions will not occur if you decide to sell or promote products of poor quality, unreliable, or, even worse, deceptive.

That’s why in this article I decided to talk to you about what to sell as an affiliate and what are the best products and services. Also, I will suggest which method to use to select them. You will be able to choose wisely what is worth selling in a strategic (but also ethical) way and not run into unpleasant consequences related to disreputable products.

Best products to sell: Choose by Category

First of all, a premise must be made: there is no right or wrong product to sell a priori, just as there is no magic product through which, regardless, you can immediately earn big dollars. The right strategy for everyone is a fairy tale not to be believed. These are legends or tricks used by scam gurus to sell you a course or give you some other “unmissable” offer.

So how do you decide what to sell? First, it is good practice to divide the products into categories. Based on your preference category, consistent with the niche you are targeting, you can identify, through specific searches, useful information on the products, you are most looking for. For example, by entering the keywords of your interest on SEMrush, SEOZoom, or, totally free, on Google Trends, you will find out in which geographical area these searches take place and which keywords are linked. Furthermore, nothing can replace direct observation: observe in the communities and groups related to your niche which are the most popular conversations, interact, connect the dots in relation to the needs and requests that appear most. Anyway, based on the most popular categories when it comes to affiliate marketing, we’ll see together the best products to sell.

Home automation

Each of us is trying to make our home as comfortable and practical as possible. Home automation is the sector dedicated to the application of new technologies inside buildings and domestic spaces. The ultimate goal of home automation is precisely to improve the quality of life thanks to the implementation of these technologies. Thanks to the evolution of technology and the concomitant lowering of prices (at least for some sectors, previously inaccessible), home automation products are in great demand. Among the options to be evaluated:

  • Smart speakers and audio devices of various kinds;
  • Tools for lighting environments or for their heating/cooling;
  • Robots for the hygiene and cleaning of domestic environments;
  • Kitchen devices integrated with apps for smartphones and tablets (the “smart” planetary machines);
  • Home security systems.

Smart working management tools

To better deal with smart working, people are equipping themselves, purchasing both furnishing accessories and software tools. From ergonomic chairs to spend the many hours spent in front of the computer, to software for managing work projects. Each work activity will then have its own specific preferences according to the tasks assigned.


The explosion of Youtube channels dedicated to gaming, together with the exponential growth of Twitch – the platform dedicated mainly to gamers, has meant that the world of gaming and all this that concerns it underwent an even more incisive surge in popularity, but also in sales.

That’s why gaming-related products and services are suitable for affiliate sales. I’m not just talking about consoles and games, but about everything that can improve the gaming experience and immersion within virtual worlds. Smart TVs and monitors, wireless headphones with microphones for communication with other gamers, wireless keyboards, and mice, but also ergonomic chairs because, even in this case, gamers spend many hours in front of the screens. Last but not least, virtual reality (VR) viewers dedicated to gaming and entertainment (and who knows, maybe even training?), Products that are experiencing a real boom in sales.

Smartphone accessories

It is a fact that each of us is increasingly “connected” with our smartphones. The phone (but often also the tablet) never leaves us and therefore, assuming that it must be specific, high quality, and technologically advanced products, everything related to the world of smartphones has interesting sales potential. What is the problem users complain about the most? Surely the battery life always runs out “too soon”. So all the devices that deal with improving the performance of our smartphone are to be taken into consideration, such as, for example, the wireless charger covers. Other products to consider are earphones and wireless speakers that use Bluetooth, to listen to music or our favorite podcast both through headphones and through speakers.

Accessories for making videos

Thanks to the relocation of work, but also the success of the video format that now predominates in numerous communication platforms, the equipment to improve the quality of video calls and also to produce videos to share is among the products to be sold in affiliation. It is not just about cameras (since it is now possible to make high-quality movies even via your smartphone), but about those that are the tools to set up a functional set. From the lights (or even the ring right) to the microphone (clip or condenser), from camera tripods or, precisely, for smartphones, to software dedicated to video editing.

Sports clothing and accessories

The clothing and fashion category enjoys an interesting position. Consistent with the lifestyle we have talked about so far, therefore, with smart working and all that this entails, clothing to stay at home comfortably and feel comfortable deserves special attention. Also on this wavelength, the home becomes the place where, in addition to work, sports activities are also carried out and it is here that we find other products to sell in affiliation. In addition to sportswear, it is necessary to evaluate the equipment for practicing sports, such as:

  • Weights and dumbbells of various sizes;
  • Elastic bands for fitness;
  • Fitball;
  • Mats for yoga, pilates, and postural gymnastics.

Or, sports equipment, such as:

  • Footboards;
  • Tapis Roulant;
  • Exercise bike.

Beauty and self-care

Beauty, self-care, and personal care are sectors whose products, always if they meet high-quality standards, are the most popular. Of course, it is a very competitive sector, in fact, in order to convey the sale of these products, it is necessary to set up a strategy that aims to produce valuable content able to stand out from the crowd and respond specifically to the needs of the people who follow you. So, in this case, the rule of specializing in a particular sector and becoming a niche leader or, if we want, even a micro-niche leader, applies more than ever. From products related to skin-care to make-up, crossing other specific sectors, such as those related to eco-bio. The possibilities are not lacking, you need to find your own space and stand out for what you offer.

Food and culinary products

Among television broadcasts dedicated to cooking, chefs and celebrities who are personally dedicated not only to the management of restaurants, but to the promotion of the products themselves, blogs dedicated to all sorts of culinary sectors (such as vegetarian, vegan, raw food etc. ), it’s no wonder that food, kitchen utensils and everything else that gravitates around this world is potentially great to sell as an affiliate. If you are in the culinary field both for work and as a hobby, consider these products.


Selling infoproducts in affiliation is a good opportunity, especially since it does not require large initial investments, since being you the expert, you will create your infoproduct yourself and then promote it. This could be:

  • E-book;
  • Specialized guides;
  • Video-courses;
  • Webinars and seminars.

The topics should be a cross between your skills and what interests your audience. What matters most is that your information products meet high quality standards.

Direct affiliation vs Indirect affiliation: which one to choose?

There is no correct answer to this question:

“Is it better to sell directly or through an affiliate network?”

It depends, you have to decide on a case-by-case basis. There are certainly advantages and disadvantages for both options, for example, if you decide to become a partner of a network, after approval, you will have to follow the established rules for the promotion of products. The point is that, as with any strategic action, you need to know in-depth:

  • Product or service to sell;
  • Reference target;
  • Affiliate platform.

On a practical level, to make you understand better: eBay Partner Network is a platform often used by collectors, therefore, if you decide to sell collectible products, it could prove to be the best choice. There are no right choices regardless, we need study, continuous practice, tests, and, of course, constant improvement based on the results achieved. Among other things, if you were to use affiliate programs such as that of Amazon, AliExpress, or eBay Partner Network, remember to consult the lists containing the best-selling products for each platform.

Ethics, consistency, and strategy: the priority is your niche

Surely researching the trends and the best products to sell based on the reference category will help you increase performance. However, I will never tire of repeating that ethics, consistency, and the will to sincerely help those who follow you are what will allow you to establish long-term relationships based on trust, in the long run, will contribute to creating the best asset. Remember:

  • Promote products and services that you know, have tested, and above all, have satisfied you;
  • Don’t get caught up in a rush and don’t give in to the temptations of scam products that promise (false) miraculous earnings in a short time;
  • Sponsor products and services in line with your values, consistent with your brand, and suitable for your niche;
  • Do not promote anything that is proposed to you, just for the fun of it, thus risking to seem like a know-it-all without specific skills. Specialize and then, subsequently, expand your range of action.

Having reached the end of this article, I hope not only to have given you ideas on products to sell as an affiliate but above all on how to choose and promote them in the best possible way. I hope I was able to help you and please feel free to share this article with friends.

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