Work At Home And Earn While You Learn

Would not it is great if you could study for playing trivia games and are paid for your time? With many internet companies pushing for article marketing for their websites, it is possible to earn money working from home and learn a few things along the way. Article marketing is one of the most popular methods for websites to be noticed on the internet and more people are employing search engines to find what they are looking for online.

Companies either employ a writer to produce these articles or hire freelance writers to produce informational articles about the products or services they are offering. In many cases, these articles are not going to be posted on the actual site; rather they use them for inclusion in newsletters and ezines along with a link to their website. When a visitor searches for a specific search term, they hope the articles show up in the search results and the visitor clicks through to their site.

Search engines do look for articles that are rich in information and a good freelance writer can place specific keywords into an article in a way in which the article’s information flows properly and still attracts the search engine spider’s attention. There are many ways of irritating the search spiders, but information-rich content articles can make them hungry for more.

While there is no concrete number that companies use to determine how many articles they need to produce on a regular basis, they know they have to provide fresh content on a regular basis. Some claim that two or three articles per month are enough while others claim that producing 40, 50 or more every month brings them more visitors. They also do not always focus on their website’s landing page; instead, they produce a few articles for each different page on their site. They do not care which page the reader is drawn to, as long as they end up on their site.

Not every company has a writer on its staff and most will use ghostwriters to produce content articles they can use. By using ghostwriters, the articles are written by freelance writers who, unless experienced and knowledgeable on a variety of subjects will have to perform some perfunctory research in order to produce articles with intelligent information. Freelance writers have to accept the fact that their name is not going to appear in this article and payment per article is relatively low. Writing internet content is not a glamorous position, yet once a person becomes proficient at producing quality content in a short amount of time can make money working at home.

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