How To Find New Ideas For Your Blog Articles

Do you want to write new content for your blog but run out of ideas? This article will explain how to find new ideas and inspiration for the articles on your website.

When we decide to create a blog, very often the blank page in front of us turns into an insurmountable wall, and finding new ideas for blog articles becomes a really big problem.

First I want to reassure you: it is something that happens to all novice web writers. In this article, we will therefore go to see which paths you can take to find new topics to write on your blog.

How To Find New Ideas For Your Blog Articles

How to find new ideas for blog articles

How to find ideas for new articles? Very simple:

  • Search the forums
  • Read books and blogs on the subject
  • Follow hashtags on LinkedIn
  • Tell your experience
  • Update your old content
  • Write an interview
  • Express your opinion
  • Use SEO tools
  • Use Google Analytics
  • Steal traffic from your competitors.

Here’s a great video on how to do Keyword Research:

Let’s look at all these points in more detail.

Ask your community

Creating a community around your blog and the topics you cover is the first step to making your content successful. You don’t have to write (only) for yourself but mainly for your audience.

And there’s no better audience than your community to advise you on what to write? Ask openly what topics they would like to read. Very often they will be able to give you new ideas and particular facets regarding a certain topic.

Search Forums for new ideas

explore forums

The secret to writing interesting content is not actually knowing how to write well (although this is still a very important aspect) but rather answering the right questions.

And where can you find the right questions? No doubt on online forums. If I have – for example – a blog on copywriting, searching the forums dedicated to this topic for the most common and most asked questions will help you find ideas for developing new articles.

The easiest way to find these forums is to do a Google search by writing [topic] + forum, otherwise you can fish in the most popular generic forums, such as:

  • Quora
  • Yahoo Answer
  • Reddit
  • Other Forums

Read books and blogs on the subject

The best inspiration for new articles I have had since doing this job has been given to me by reading blogs and books on a given topic.

I often do research to write an article and it may happen that while I am researching, I read a sentence, a paragraph, or a related article that gives me the idea for a new post on my blog.

In addition, reading a lot about the topic that is close to your heart (but actually also about different topics) helps you to have a clearer overview and find new ideas to explore.

Follow hashtags on LinkedIn

search hashtags

LinkedIn has added the hashtag function that allows you to label your post or follow the hashtags of the topics you prefer.

By following the hashtags you have the opportunity to read numerous news, opinions, or strategies regarding a certain topic and this can undoubtedly give you useful ideas to write a new piece.

Tell your experience

People love to read the experiences of others.

Obviously it must be something of value, from which the reader can draw a lesson. You can tell about that time “you managed to …” or an interesting case study or an experience from which you learned something.

By telling your experiences you can help those who follow you to know you better, but also to solve a problem that you have already managed to solve. Or you can just share to inspire and motivate.

Update old content

Sometimes it doesn’t matter to write new content. If you already have articles on your blog, you may want to pick them up, reread them and make them current again.

Updating your articles also has a lot of additional benefits:

  • reduces the bounce rate. This means your audience will stay longer on your website
  • it is very frustrating when we are faced with outdated content because the message being conveyed is that the blog is not being cured. This also makes people lose confidence in us. Updating your content, therefore, helps to create a stronger relationship with our target, generate more traffic and increase conversions.
  • When we write, we must always keep an eye on our audience and one eye on mom Google. And updating our content also gives positive feedback to Google, which in this regard introduced the concept of freshness back in 2011.

Write an interview

blog interview

An excellent idea for proposing new content is to do an interview, perhaps with an expert in your sector, a colleague, or someone who can offer interesting feedback on a certain topic.

Interviews are also a very useful way, not only to get new content but also to increase our traffic and our visibility since the interview will almost certainly also be shared by the person who was interviewed.

Express your opinion on a topic

Taking up a topic discussed by someone and saying our opinion on it can be a valid starting point for creating new content.

You can then cite a source that impressed you and say why you or you disagree with what they said. Or you can just pick up the trending topics and give your opinion on them.

To find these topics, you can search Twitter’s trending hashtags or use some SEO tools.

Write a review

Reviews are a great way to create interesting content. How many times have you read / listened to / watched reviews created by others before purchasing a product or service?

Through reviews you can tell about a product you liked, explain its use and help other people decide whether to buy it or not.

But be careful: the reviews must always be truthful. You don’t want to lose the trust of your audience, do you?

Use SEO tools

search engine optimization

The last piece of advice I would like to give you to find new ideas for writing articles on your blog is to use the best tools for bloggers that those who deal with SEO usually use.

SEO is in fact that set of strategies that aim to improve the positioning of a blog or web on search engines and to do this, it also makes use of keyword research.

Through these tools, you can then understand what people’s interests are, what questions they ask Google, and all the related topics that may be of interest to them.

seo copywriting

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Final reflections

Finding new ideas for writing your blog articles is nothing difficult. Now you also have all the tools to do it!

The real secret to writing engaging lyrics always remains one: listen carefully to your audience.

Talk to your target audience, listen to their requests, their doubts, their fears. And you will see that you will never have a problem finding ideas and inspiration for your articles.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article, and feel free to suggest, comment, and share it with your friends.

Stay safe and stay tuned for more!


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