How to Make Money Online Without a Website

Did you know that there are ways of making money online as an affiliate without having a site? Indeed, it is not the right solution in many cases even if this is the main tool suggested by those who want to maximize revenues. But there are many combinations to consider.

Affiliate marketing is a mechanism and can be delineated around the needs of those who have started working in this sector. And above all, those who take their first steps want to achieve the first results without a website. But is it possible? How? Let’s find out together.

How does online affiliate marketing work?

Affiliate marketing is a universe that is based on a clear process: some need advertising and need to sell more, and some people have a following and want to monetize.

The meeting between these needs lies in the affiliations. That is to say, a process that allows you to increase conversions (sales, registrations, reservations …) thanks to the contribution of publishers and influencers. Not necessarily famous. Those who need advertisers propose earnings percentages and provide a tracked link. Those who sign up for the affiliate program undertake to spread this link as they see fit and can.

Because each sale corresponds to a percentage by itself. Amazon is certainly the most famous and versatile reality because it covers many objects, but there are affiliate programs for everything. Also for financial products, software and travel.

How to Make Money Online Without a Website

Why is there no need for a website?

Affiliate programs only provide a tracked link. Some platforms, such also suggest banners of various formats to make it easier to integrate the link into web pages and to have a homogeneous graphic path.

But the basis is another: the element inserted in the URL that attributes a sale or reservation to your profile. And you know that you don’t need a blog to share this element. So, is it possible to understand how to make money with affiliates without having a website?

3 alternative ways to share links

Earning as an affiliate marketer without having a personal website or blog is possible because there are valid alternatives at your side. Also very effective. Some concrete examples?

Sharing on social networks

For sure this is the first step to monetize your affiliate journey. Just take a tracked link and share it on social networks for a chance to monetize. You can do this in a thousand different ways, I leave you just a few ideas to take advantage of immediately:

  • Facebook and Twitter posts.
  • YouTube video captions.
  • Instagram biography.
  • Skype status.

You can do the same job on the dark web, that is to say in the shares in the chats which can be those of Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp, and more. Without forgetting that you can create chatbots capable of automatically responding to user requests.

This solution is particularly interesting because it allows you to work on large numbers of interactions, in order to automate a series of steps that would otherwise be impossible to solve by hand and without the help of other employees who take care of the interactions.

How to Make Money Online Without a Website

DEM and newsletters

One of the best solutions to activate an online affiliate process. Do you have your own list of contacts who follow the publications and accept the advice you leave via email? Perfect, you can create excellent content with affiliate links within the text you are proposing.

You don’t have to ask for permission, you have no limitations, but you have to bear the costs of the platform to send newsletters. But you can use it in many different ways, not just for affiliations.


How to earn more with affiliations? Insert your monetization journey into an advertising mechanism. For example Facebook ADV. There is an important problem to consider: the fact that every click on the advertisement you have created corresponds to an investment.

So you have to optimize the sponsorship in order to decrease the cost per click and increase the chances of conversion, choosing online affiliate programs capable of guaranteeing a large percentage. Or perhaps that falls within the bounties, services that guarantee a fixed income at each renewal. And that they are an advantage for those who work with affiliations.

How to Make Money Online Without a Website

Do you want to make money online without a site?

My idea as a blogger who has been writing articles for many years is clear: it is better to use the strength of a professional blog as well. With proprietary hosting and domain, no free services. In this way, you can intercept informational searches, the most numerous on Google.

Answering questions from the audience and then recommending products or services is always helpful in improving the performance of a program. But to do this you also need to optimize the blog for affiliations and make it suitable for this job. What to do first?

You have to draw up an adequate editorial calendar, capable of intercepting the searches of the public. Then you have to organize the links to the products so as not to become a problem.

For example, you can insert links in the sidebar banners or within the article where needed. The important thing is to always be useful for those who read the content. Earn money with affiliations without having a site but with a blog the opportunities increase. That’s why I always recommend opening a valid editorial project.

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