Aptos Microsoft Agreement pumps APT

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Aptos Microsoft agreement causes APT price to fly high.

Aptos Microsoft

Aptos Microsoft Agreement

Incredible run by Aptos, which recorded +15% in less than 1 hour, after moving on flat prices and within a very narrow channel over the last few weeks. The project, born from Facebook’s Libra outcasts, announced that it had signed a sort of partnership with Microsoft, with the news quickly making the rounds on the web and also on exchanges, leading to a new wave of purchases.

The partnership involves the use of Microsoft cloud infrastructures for the development of projects related to artificial intelligence and which will be positioned at the intersection with the blockchain world.

It is not the first time that Microsoft has entered into agreements with important exponents of the crypto world. Ankr had already signed similar agreements in the past – and the group founded by Bill Gates is quite active in the blockchain sector, even with Bitcoin-based ID solutions.

Aptos leap: what’s in the deal with Microsoft?

The name of Microsoft is enough to drive up a single cryptocurrency – in this case $APT by Aptos – by 15% in a matter of minutes. The group born from the ashes of Libra/Diem of Facebook has signed an agreement with the Redmond company which will provide for the use of the cloud infrastructure in order to develop Apps based on artificial intelligence. And there are already interesting applications, such as Aptos Assistant, an AI bot capable of satisfying all kinds of curiosities about the world of Aptos.

Artificial intelligence and blockchain are rapidly converging for one simple reason: they are both revolutionary leaps that profoundly impact the evolution of the internet and shape society.

This is the comment of Mo Shaikh, who is head of Aptos Labs – which was also followed by that of Rashmi Misra – who is instead manager at Microsoft for Artificial Intelligence and emerging technologies.

By merging the technology of Aptos Labs and the capabilities of Microsoft Azure Open AI Service we aim to democratize the use of the blockchain, allowing users, web 3 and innovators to develop new quality decentralized Apps using artificial intelligence.

An agreement also for the financial sector

Perhaps more interesting is the part of the agreement that has instead passed on the sly. In fact, the two companies would also have agreed to explore solutions in the world of payments, finance, and asset tokenization, as well as for the CBDC sector, the digital currencies issued by central banks.

In addition, Aptos will run validator nodes on Microsoft’s Azure – a technical issue that is perhaps the least important within an agreement that the markets have judged to be very important.

The markets respond vehemently

Meanwhile, markets responded vigorously to the news release. When we give this insight to the digital press, $APT gains 15%, within a positive day for the crypto world, with Bitcoin returning above $30,000 at the opening of the US session, a share lost overnight .

A good time – despite the limited volumes – for the crypto world. Aptos thus taking advantage of an agreement with an important partner such as Microsoft.

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