How To Make Money As An Amazon Affiliate

If you have a blog, Amazon Affiliations are one of the easiest and fastest ways to start monetizing. In this article, you will find out how to make money as an Amazon affiliate

If you want to start making money online, one of the easiest and fastest ways to do it is with the Amazon affiliate program.

To earn with Amazon affiliations, in fact, you do not need any specific skills and it is one of the easiest and most popular ways to monetize a blog.

In this article, I want to tell you about Amazon Associates, which is the Amazon affiliate program. We will see together what it consists of, how to apply to become an Amazon partner and how to then use our affiliate links to start earning with our blog.

How To Make Money As An Amazon Affiliate

What is an affiliate program?

One of the methods that are used most to make money with a blog or to create a new business is undoubtedly affiliations, which I also use a lot for all my projects, including this blog.

But what exactly are affiliations?

Very simple.

Let’s say you bought a product that you particularly liked. You are so excited that you tell your friends about it and they decide to buy it too.

Now think if the company that produces that product paid you a commission every time one of your friends buys a product you recommended.

There, affiliations work exactly like that.

In fact, there are many companies that offer an affiliate program. To earn your commissions, just sign up for the program and the company in question will provide you with a personalized link which is called an affiliate link.

Every time someone clicks on your link and purchases that product, the company will record that the sale was made thanks to you and will recognize a commission, which is often a percentage of the sales.

There are numerous affiliate programs that you can leverage based on your target niches, such as Awin, Kartra, or Shareasale, just to mention a few important ones.

One of these is Amazon Associates, which is also one of the most used programs in the world thanks to the wide range of products that can be sponsored and which are perfect for all niches, from beauty to yoga, from electronics to books, and so on. saying.

According to the latest statistics, in fact:

  1. Amazon Associates is the largest affiliate marketing network with over 900,000 active affiliates (Supermetrics)
  2. As of July 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, the number of Amazon affiliates has grown by 150% (Awin)
  3. Amazon Associates currently holds 44.68% of all affiliations (Datanyze).


How to make money with Amazon affiliations

But how to make money with Amazon affiliations?

It’s that simple. In fact, you just need:

  1. Sign up for the Amazon affiliate program
  2. Find the products you want to sponsor
  3. Place affiliate links on your blog.

First, therefore, I recommend that you have a blog. In fact, through the blog, you can more effectively convey to people to make the purchase you want them to do.

Find the products you want to sponsor

So what do we want to start selling? Well, it depends on your niche. On Amazon, you can really find everything.

But let’s take a practical example.

Let’s say you wrote an article on the best kitchen appliances. You have compiled a nice list, described a dozen of your favorite appliances… and now?

Now, under the descriptions, you can invite your user to purchase the article you just talked about.

Let’s say you talked about the Tristar Crispy, the air fryer. Just go now to the product page on Amazon, click on “Get link: Text+Image” in the bar and copy that link.

These you see above, both the link and the image, are two affiliate links.
If you now decide to click on it and buy this air fryer (or another Amazon product), I will receive a commission.

We’ll talk about how Amazon’s fees work in a moment. But first I want to show you how to insert links on your blog, both textual and visual ones, exactly like I did above.

Enter the affiliate link on the blog

Ok, you signed up for the Amazon affiliate program, the SiteStripe has appeared and now you have an affiliate link for all the products on this e-commerce.

But how to insert affiliate links on the blog?

Let’s go back to our air fryer. To insert a text link, just go to the editor of an article, write the anchor text, click on the link icon and paste your link.

And what if I want to insert the box with the image, as we did before?

In this case, go to the SiteStripe, click on Text + Image and copy the code.

To paste it, go to the WordPress editor and click the “Text” tab. Now the editor will show you the HTML code. Paste your code here now. Go back to “Visual” and the image has appeared!

How To Make Money As An Amazon Affiliate

Monitor the results

Once you have inserted your affiliate links into your blog, you can’t think about parking them there, and bye.

You have to monitor and optimize them. See what works and what doesn’t. You have to push on what sells and eliminate what doesn’t bring results.

And to do that, Amazon Associates offers a fantastic reporting dashboard where you can track all your results: clicks, sales, commissions, returns. Everything.

Through this dashboard you can get all the information you need and if you want you can also download all the reports, so as to constantly analyze and optimize your work.

In particular, I recommend that you monitor and optimize:

  1. the type of link (textual or visual)
  2. the anchor text
  3. the positioning of the link (at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of the article).

Before starting optimization, however, allow a few months to pass so as to have more data to work on.

And don’t forget to better promote the articles on your blog that contain your affiliate links in order to increase traffic and – potentially – even sales.

How much money can you make as an Amazon affiliate

Ok, I know what you’re thinking: all beautiful, all very simple, all very free. Where is the catch?

Well, there is no catch. But there is a but.

Have you read other blog articles that have told you that you just need to throw an affiliate link here and there on your blog to be able to buy yourself a penthouse in Dubai? Ok ok, maybe then I’m wrong. If in doubt, keep following these other blogs, and don’t forget to send me a photo of your private jet! ?

In fact, you can make a lot of money from home with affiliations. Just think that over 90% of this blog’s earnings come from affiliations. If it weren’t profitable, I wouldn’t be aiming so much at it.

But it is also true that you need an effective strategy, you must constantly monitor and optimize your results, choose the right topics and products for your audience, choose the right keywords and write effective articles, be well-positioned on Google, and be able to keep the people glued to the screen.

Only then will you start seeing some interesting income.

Remember: not having a strategy is the first step to fail with an online project.

After this necessary premise, let’s get back to us.

How much do you (really) earn with Amazon affiliations?

It depends on the products you sponsor. Yes, because not all product categories are paid the same and the percentage that is paid to you also depends on where the sale is coming from.

In fact, there are 3 different origins of the sale:

  1. Direct purchases
  2. Indirect purchases
  3. The Amazon Influencer page.

Direct purchases are those that come from the same category. For example, the user clicks on your affiliate link for a jacket but buys a watch, two products that both come from the Amazon Fashion category.

Indirect purchases are those that come from a different category. The user clicks on your affiliate link of a book (Media and digital products category) but then buys a TV (Electronics and computers category).

Then there are the sales coming from the Amazon Influencer page, a sort of showcase on Amazon that you can create if you have a large number of followers on social networks.

To date, Amazon’s commissions vary between 1% and 12% based on sponsored products.

However, I will update the article if the fees change.

How To Make Money As An Amazon Affiliate

The advantages of making money as an Amazon affiliate

At this point, I think it’s pretty clear why working with Amazon is particularly beneficial. But let’s make a brief recap:

  1. You can become an affiliate in minutes
  2. It’s super easy to use. Once you’ve created your affiliate account, just add your affiliate links on your blog, email or social media to earn a commission from each sale.
  3. There are millions of products to choose from, suitable for all audiences
  4. Payments are on time and the minimum payment threshold is low. In fact, you just need to reach just 25 euros in commissions to get your payment directly into your current account. If you do not reach the minimum threshold, the commissions will be added to those of the following month until reaching € 25.
  5. You can choose whether to be paid by wire transfer or with Amazon gift cards
  6. Amazon is a safe and reliable brand: people always like to buy from you
  7. Assistance is fast and very willing to help you solve any problem you may encounter
  8. The reports are accurate and detailed and you can have an overview of the progress of your sales updated in real time
  9. There are no limits on commissions. People who go to Amazon also buy many products at a time and this allows you to receive a commission for each product sold
  10. Commissions can also be very high.

How to sell more and make more money as an Amazon affiliate

When I started working with Affiliations, and Amazon Affiliations, in particular, I was extremely excited.

I had just created my blog and went to Google looking for something like “how to make money as an Amazon affiliate”.

So I applied for an Amazon affiliation, I pulled out all the products that interested me and I had wallpapered my blog with affiliate links.

Then I sat in front of the Amazon reports and the situation was: NOTHING!

But what was I doing wrong?

After years in the world of affiliations, I realized that it was not a single mistake, but a series of small mistakes that were not allowing me to achieve the desired results.

So I want to leave you now some valuable tips that will help you sell – and thus earn – more with Amazon affiliations.

  1. Never promote products that you haven’t personally tested and don’t really love. This is because if your reader feels “screwed” he will never come back to your blog. And your goal should never be immediate gain, but long-term gain
  2. Do not choose the products according to the commission but opt for the products most relevant to your audience. In this way you will be able to offer a better experience and you will also increase the number of sales
  3. To sponsor Amazon products, don’t limit yourself to single product review but try to intercept a broader search intent.

Final Thoughts on How To Make Money As An Amazon Affiliate

Making money with Amazon affiliations is an extremely simple thing.

As we have seen, everything is based on 5 simple steps:

  1. Create an affiliate account
  2. Finding the best products for our audience
  3. Write guides on our blog by inserting our affiliate link
  4. Promote blog articles
  5. Monitor and optimize results.

Well, that’s really all now. I wish you a successful blog and that the Amazon affiliate program will give you a lot of satisfaction, financial and otherwise.

To your success!


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